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What is POV About?

The cryptocurrency market, an ever-evolving landscape of financial innovation, has experienced exponential growth over the past decade. This surge is driven by a proliferation of innovative projects and tokens that have reshaped the traditional understanding of finance. Among these, Memecoins have emerged as a unique and dynamic segment, capturing the attention of both seasoned and novice investors alike.

Uprecedented Market Growth 🚀

The cryptocurrency market’s exponential growth can be attributed to its decentralized nature, fostering financial inclusivity and innovation. Digital assets, such as Bitcoin and Ethereum, have paved the way for a new era of borderless and permissionless finance, captivating a global audience. This surge in popularity has given rise to a plethora of groundbreaking projects, each vying for a distinct place in the crypto ecosystem.

Memecoins and Community-Driven Initiatives 👩‍🚀

Memecoins, in particular, stand out as a testament to the power of community-driven initiatives within the crypto space. Born out of internet culture and social media trends, these coins leverage the collective power of online communities to fuel adoption and appreciation. Their meme-worthy nature not only adds an element of humor but also serves as a catalyst for broadening crypto’s reach beyond traditional financial circles.

ETFs: A Catalyst for Growth 🔥

The recent approval of Exchange-Traded Funds (ETFs) in the cryptocurrency market marks a monumental milestone. ETFs provide institutional and retail investors with a regulated and accessible way to participate in the crypto market, injecting newfound liquidity and stability. This regulatory green light signifies the maturation of the crypto space and heralds the beginning of a new bullish cycle.

Pork Orignal Version: Seizing the Opportunity 💣

Against this backdrop of transformative market dynamics, Pork Original Version (POV) emerges as a groundbreaking project poised to capitalize on the imminent bullish cycle. As the crypto market undergoes a paradigm shift with the integration of traditional financial instruments like ETFs, Pork Original Version aims to be at the forefront, offering a unique blend of innovation, profitability, and community engagement.

The POV Features

At Pork Original Version (POV), our mission goes beyond merely existing within the cryptocurrency landscape; it’s a commitment to empowering our community through innovative financial opportunities, fostering transparency, and actively engaging in the ever-evolving dynamics of the crypto market. Our mission is grounded in several key principles:

01. Swap and Staking

In the fast-paced world of cryptocurrency, the ability to generate returns while actively participating in a project’s growth is a key consideration for investors. Pork Original Version (POV) recognizes this and is committed to delivering a robust ecosystem that not only simplifies user engagement but also offers an unparalleled level of profitability. Our Swap and Staking features, currently under development, embody this commitment and represent a pivotal component of the Pork Original Version experience.

02. NFT Marketplace

As the cryptocurrency market continues to evolve, Pork Original Version (POV) stands at the forefront of innovation with the introduction of an exclusive NFT collection tied to the Pork token. Beyond the realm of traditional token appreciation, our NFTs are designed to unlock a new dimension of value, providing investors with both financial incentives and decision-making power to actively shape the trajectory of the project.

03. AI Technology

As the crypto market evolves, Pork Original Version (POV) is at the forefront of technological innovation, introducing an AI bot that is set to redefine community engagement. This groundbreaking integration of artificial intelligence aims not only to streamline communication but to create a dynamic and inclusive ecosystem that fosters transparency, responsiveness, and active participation.

The POV Roadmap

Establish Project Presence &
Build Anticipation and Excitement

01. Pre-Launch Phase

– Create official Twitter, Telegram, TikTok, and Discord accounts for Pork Original Version (POV).

– Engage with crypto communities, forums, and influencers to create awareness.

– Initiate collaboration with reputable crypto groups for pre-launch promotions.

– Tease upcoming features and benefits via social media channels.

– Partner with influencers for countdowns and exclusive content reveals.

02. Launch Phase

– Officially launch Pork token on Solana

– Simultaneously release the Swap and Staking features to maximize engagement.

– Leverage partnerships with influencers for live launch events and Q&A sessions.

Generate Buzz and Drive Initial Adoption

Strategic Social Media Engagement &
TikTok and Discord Integration

03. Post Launch Phase

– Execute a targeted Twitter and Telegram campaign with daily updates.

– Regularly share project milestones, achievements, and community involvement.

– Collaborate with well-known crypto influencers for ongoing endorsements and reviews.

– Launch engaging TikTok content showcasing the project’s uniqueness.

04. Ongoing Phase

– Collaborate with influential crypto figures, such as Ivan on Tech, DataDash, and Crypto Wendy O.

– Engage with blockchain thought leaders for interviews, AMAs, and endorsements.

– Initiate partnerships with established crypto projects for cross-promotions.

– Conduct regular security audits with reputable firms, including Certik and Hacken.

– Immediately address and communicate any identified vulnerabilities to the community.

Partnerships with Key Crypto Influencers &
Security Assurance and Auditing


In the dynamic and rapidly evolving world of cryptocurrency, where trust and security are paramount, the importance of a thorough contract audit cannot be overstated. For Pork Original Version (POV), ensuring the integrity of our smart contract is a top priority, and we are proud to partner with Coinsult, a distinguished company associated with the well-established Pinksale platform in the market.

Token Metrics

Presale | 54.76%
Liquidity | 27,37%
Burnt | 8,43%
CEX | 8,33%
Marketing | 1.09%

Token Information

Presale | 54.76%
Liquidity | 27,37%
Burnt | 8,43%
CEX | 8,33%
Marketing | 1.09%

Pork Original Version